March 1st, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Sofa. King. Tired.

It is now midnight.

I have just gotten home.

Dad picked me up from school around 1700 and we went to his friend's houses and now it is midnight and I am home and I am tired.

I am also sick, but that's not because of tonight.

I also put no words on my Big Bang either last night or today. I do, however, have a brand new notebook just for it.

I also have the Entertainment Weekly with Supernatural blurb. And the TV Guide with the Brothers & Sisters cover. That's not the one with the Jensen pic in it, is it? I already missed that one on the newsstands, huh?

Yeah. I'm gonna respond to comments, check my FList and go to sleep.

Goodnight, guys!
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Sick!Drabble (+7)

Sam has always wiped his nose on the back of his hand when it runs. Then he wipes his hand on his shirt, never his pants or anything else, just the shirt. The bottom of the hem, he sleeve, the collar, anywhere.

Dean always complains about how disgusting it is but can't help but smile a tiny bit when Sam does it because it's one of the few things Sam has done since he was little and never grew out of.

That and picking his nose.

Thank God he grew out of the part where he would eat it.

Even Dean thought that was kind of gross.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

[Flocked because I'm not adding friends just so they can be on my filter] Big Bang

Poll #937987 Big Bang

Do you want to be on my Big Bang Filter and hear me ramble about the fic in detail?


I will still be posting my word counts for everyone to see, this is for previews and talk about plot and other boring stuff like that.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Ten More Things About Me

Yeah, this is gonna be a weekly thing now.

1. I have never, ever seen a James Bond movie. Ever. I also have no desire to see one and don't get what the big deal about him is. Other things I've never seen include all the Godfather movies, a single episode of 24 or Alias.

2. I sleep diagonally on the bed. I can't sleep straight up and down, I have to have my feet and one corner and my head up at the other. Unless I'm sharing a bed (Mom or one of my sisters), in which case I tend to hug the wall/edge.

3. My hair has not been it's natural color (Blonde) since I was about twelve/thirteen/fourteen or so. Most people who know me don't actually know what my real hair color is and a lot of people used to think it was red because I used to dye it a dark shade of red (Before the purples and pinks and stuff).

4. My hair has been waist length twice (Both time with bangs to right below my chest). Both times I lost my mind and chopped most of it off. The first time I chopped it to mid-ear and the second time to chin length. I don't look good with short hair.

5. I have not worn my hair down for more than a few hours at a time (With the exception of when it's drying) in the last six years or so. Maybe seven.

6. My chest is so big (And this is not a good thing) that I broke my only bra the other day simply by breathing. Snapped the underwire on the right side.

7. I wear boxers. I hate chick underwear and hate that I sometimes have to wear it. I don't understand how you people wear 'em.

8. I have really bad, horrible panic-attacks. For a while there they seemed to go away but now that I've moved again and am dealing with new stuff they are back with a fucking vengeance.

9. I have this massive thing for secrets. Gimme a fic where Person A is keeping a secret and it gets found out (By Person B, Person C, everyone else, it doesn't matter) and I will love you massively. I think that might be part of why I stayed in SPN, because the whole "secret" thing is fucking canon and right there in the show. I realize that my thing for secrets probably has to do with me having to keep secrets for most of my life but, eh. Who cares, really?

10. I am painfully shy. Once I get to know you I'm loud and demanding and bitchy but when we first meet? I hunch in on myself and don't talk and try to blend in to the wall as much as I can.