February 17th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Supernatural Thingees.

MOG. Includes MINOR spoilers for Tall Tale in the clip in link. Keep sound off and you're groovy though. Dude. Dean opens his beer bottles with his ring. And this is not a spoiler because you can barely tell unless you're looking for it.



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1. Wendigos or freaky-females-in-white-clothing?

Wendigos. I have a thing for flesh-eating. That sounded bad. I trace it back to Dahmer. Cannibalism has always piqued my curiosity and even though Wendigos eating humans doesn't count (Because Wendigos aren't human anymore) it's close enough for me. They're like really hungry zombies.

2. Prank wars or towel scenes?

Prank wars. They last longer and inspire more fic.

3. latin-speaking!Dean or latin-speaking!Sam?

Dean. If only because the only copy I have of Sam on my iPod is such shitty quality I can barely hear it.

4. FBI uniforms or suits + tie?

FBI. It's all about the trench coast, man.

5. Rock salt or holy water?

Holy water sizzles pretty nicely, but rock salt is used with shotguns. Rock salt.


I am now wearing Dean's amulet and it makes me feel giddy.