February 15th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


EE! Julia got me a black rose! And Allie got me a pint of Guinness! And someone said something shiny about me on svmadelyn's list! And I got a ton of comments (even if LJ waited forever to send them to me) all over the place

Yesterday was shiny.

I ♥ all of you!

Also? Happy Winchester day! Nine hours and fifty-two minutes and counting over here!
What&#39;s a personal bubble? - BOYS

I hate you so much LJ.

Fuck you very hard LJ.

Definition of scary and uncomfortable? When The Stalker comes up to you and asks you why it says he's banned from commenting on your LJ.

God I fucking hate you sometimes LJ, how hard is it to ask that you not tell the people they're banned? Huh?

Luckily LJ has been shit for the past few days and I told him it probably had something to do with that and then lied and said he wasn't on my ban list.



Fuck you.

No love at all,