January 9th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Good times, good times.

At 0900 I'm supposed to be at Safeway to finish my paperwork and do my four-hour orientation. Because this means I will be starting soon I have already started to further alter my sleep schedule so that I will be ready to be awake 2100-1400.

In an effort not to sleep tonight I have just gone and re-read most of mine and technosage's exploits from Zombie Weekend at an RPG we used to play in. Man I miss that. It was tons of fun and I desperately need to have Dean mention a Zombie Weekend or Zombie Stew in some story in the future.

On another note? I want to shower so badly but am not yet because I need to save that for when my eyes are starting to blur.

On another note? Right before I left Dad's I put a new background on my laptop, it's a New!OTP wallpaper that someone did (On Ma and CJ's comp right now so I can't link or show or anything yet) and I keep randomly looking over to my laptop (Which is sitting open next to me) and staring at the pretty, pretty background. Mm.

Also? In justnow news? I hate my mother. It's amazing how in ten minutes of being awake she manages to: make me feel like shit about still being up, tell me I shouldn't be on the comp, bitch at me for having the sliding door open just barely, and yell at me.

I miss Dad's already. I wish he were closer to work and not Mom.

I was totally in a good mood just a few minutes ago...