November 28th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Tired. And over my time-limit.

Thing one.

I have a new layout and a ton of new headers. 36 to be specific (I think). All worksafe this time, and all pretty, pretty boys. Except the one with the pretty, pretty car.

Feel free to swing by and refresh randomly.


Thing Two.

Mikhale? I'm not even gonna try and code this. You remember that one time I told about the first time Sam gave Dean a handjob? The one where Sam was all sneaky and stuff?

Do you have it saved anywhere? And if not do you have any clue what else we talked about in that convo? Because hunting through my Fic folder and looking for "pants" or "jeans" is totally not easy. I totally just need some key words. Anything will work, really.


Thing Three.

Ask Me My Fandom Opinion

How it works:

1.Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandomspecific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

2. Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

3. That's it. It can be as normal or odd as you like.


Thing Four.

I have been leaving random porn in unamaga's comments.

I am working my way up to actually posting porn here. Still kinda self-conscious about it right now though.


Thing Five.

I'm tired.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Death to the motherfucking masses.

Okay, lemme get this straight. I answer my fucking phone, which is on vibrate, inside the library and I'm asked to leave.

Eight fucking people directly behind me start eating chips, drinking soda and talking loudly and nothing happens?

Fuck you very hard, PCC Library staff. You're all a bunch of asses.

*Puts on headphones and turns up John*