October 17th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


I heart hrada. I totally know what I'm gonna be for Halloween.

Gederswap!Dean Winchester. He only loses and inch and a half in height but he totally gains a bunch of weight, lucky for him most of it is in the chest.

...Yeah. Anyway.

I've got a pair of unholey blue jeans and two different pairs of shit-stomper boots.

I need:

A black tee-shirt.
An olive button-down.
Something to pass for Dean's amulet.
A wig to cut up vaugely Dean-like.
A walkman and light-brite bulbs.
A fake gun.
A Sam?
A leather strap/wrist cuff
A thick silver ring - Got.
A big ol' knife (optional)
A soundtrack!
Fake I.D. with Deanorific name
Some form of tiny Impala
Pen for the oral fixation

What else do I need? I have a dark blue jacket that I might be able to use (If I can find a way to cover the huge white lettering on the back) possibly.