September 28th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


No one is online. No one is updating. The bust comes at 1015 and it's 0953 as I type this.


I fell asleep around 2230 last night and woke up around 0730 today. Mm. Nice sleep, i feel less crappy.

Still sick though; bad cough, sore chest, slightly runny nose. Fun. And my lips are chapped and I had to throw out my chapstick cause the top came off in my pocket and it got all nasty.

I do, however, have pencils again. I have this thing where I keep losing my mechanical pencils. Luckily they were on sale for 97 cents at the store yesterday.

Man, I really like being over here and not at Mom's. Nothing against Mom, it's just that... There's cable here and when Daddy's home he pays attention to me and Yuss and there's Kelsie and Lacy and Kim is cool as fuck. At Mom's me and Joe sit in our room all day and watch TV and trade off on the computer. That's everything we do.

I'm trying to figure out whether I'm gonna try and watch SPN on the Big TV in the living room tonight or watch it here in Kelsie's room on the small TV.

Okay. Bus in fifteen so I'm gone now, excep[t spamming later today maybe.

Nine hours and fifty-nine minutes until Supernatural!