September 2nd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


So. Ma and CJ are gone till Monday afternoon.

Yuss is asleep.

It's 1042 and I've been up since around 0630.

Also? Last night, with all the voiceposting I figured something out.

You know how I was always bitching about how my laptop sucked so much cause I couldn't upload anything anywhere?

Not the laptop. The phone line. How do I know this?

Because not only can I still not upload Halfshell's banners (Which she has been waiting SO FUCKING PATIENTLY for) but I cannot download a full voicepost.

If it's 37kb it cuts off at 30, if it's a 19kb fic I'm trying to send someone it stalls at 18kb.

I should have realized this when we were still connecting at 28.8 on a new comp and good modem while everyone else I know who is using the same programing is connecting at 40-something and 50-something bps.

In theory this is good, because it means I only have to go to someone else's house and hop on the net with my laptop there and it'll be groovy.

In reality? I know my Daddy, who only has a bunch of cell phones, and Andy, who has DSL now because his aunt wouldn't let him get online until about 0200.

Also? Tuesday I get SPN S1.

And? We have a three hundred anf fifty dollar phonebill because the fucking net on my laptop caught a virus and started dialing internationally when I'd get booted offline. No fucking clue what's going on with this yet, as Ma tells us fucking nothing.

Mikhale is on now, must go plan retardation. Loe you all, hate my fucking net.