July 22nd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Friday Night Lights. Face it dude, I suck at subjects.

Sleep sched is all fucked up again.

Gonna try to sleep here soon because I should.

Going to go see Clerks II with Yussie and Daddy tomorrow.

Cheesey's brother's are named Sam and Jess. Seriously. I want to make nine kinds of incest and sex change jokes now.

I hate being a chick right now. I apologize in advance if I bitch out or get bitchy/testy/annoyed/annoying with anyone for the next week.

I miss OT5.

My head kinda hurts and I'm a little light-headed.

I want bloody steak and chocolate.

I would like it muchly if my chest would stop hurting soon. And no worries people, it's the kind of chest-hurty that always happens about now, nothing dangerous but annoying and buggy as all fuck.

I totally just spent like what felt like a half an hour trying to find some kind of biblical quote on incest for something that may or may-not happen in a fic I may or may-not write. Sadly I suck and therefor gave up before I could find anything.

Crap. I just realized I totally forgot to give Julia my address to send either Mary or Dean to me. JULIA! MY ADDRESS IS BEING SENT TO YOUR YAHOO ACCOUNT. DUN FORGET TO CHECK IT MMKAY?

Things I Need To Do:
Put in my latest scene in Dean On A Boat (The Prequel to Snakes On A Plane) Octopuses are Inconsiderate.
Plot and start my spn_50states fic.
Write Amanda Mommy!Dean ficlet.
Write Amanda non!cactus spined!Sammich and Dean ficlet.
Finish my spn_50states fic by August first.
Find titles for those three ficlets that I need to post.
Get to library and download the John the Revelator vid from sacrilicious sometime before link expires on Friday.
Figure out other things to download while there so I don't waste an entire CD on 17MB.
Make that one "Jenny without The Gay" icon.
Make some other icon I can't remember right now.