June 22nd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

I'm not actually Haywire, just so you know.

Yeah. So there were no real updates yesterday cause I have a ton and a half of Laundry List coding shoved in it bouncing between HTML and WYSIWYG.

Phase II of the Laundry List is done. Sam, Dean, and John's clothing have all been inventoried and cross-reffed in two ways. I have totally identified that Dean's boots are Caterpillar Boots and therefor most likely steel-toed. I have also confirmed that at one point in the series (Exactly one) Dean wear a dark gray, almost black hoodie. Either he nabbed it from Sam or he stole it coming from where he came from (See how I rock with the non-spoiling?). I also have even more proof on just how much of a Daddy's Boy Dean really is.

veradeath is going to do Skin tonight (For she lacks download capability) but no I need someone to do Bugs. I will love you forever anteka if you do this for me: I hate that episode with a firey passion and it makes me screach like fucking girl.

Tomorrow I do Frequency of Wear and the other stuff like that.


Talked to Cheesey for most of the night, on the phone and on the net. Way cool.


Got my classes done today.

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Com 101, Soc 100, and two AJS classes. I really wanted to take the film class (It'd even count for an elective) but Ma'd throw a bitch-fit because I wanted her to work morning shift so I could see her more and the class, while only being once a week, would be like 1330-1600.

Her and CJ totally quit the new job too. I hope Ma goes back to Strategic.


Got stranded down in Mesa (About a half hour to an hour away by car) last night cause I was over the 24 hour mark when me and Yuss drove down there and did some took Andy to his brother's house. On the way back over to Andy's I was so tired that I couldnt tell the break lights from the tail lights and Yussle had to tell me to slow down and to stop. So I spent four hours or so sitting in Andy's room trying to make my eyes focus.