June 20th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Okay. So I have a phone number I need you guys to call. It's (715) 699-2789. The person who owns this number said I can publicly post it and a plea so long as his/her name is not used. Lets call him/her Mac.

Now see, Mac has never once in his/her whole life received any kinda of obscene phone call. I feel like this needs to be remedied. I would call and porn but that would be awkward what with me having to borrow my brother's cell to do that.

So I need y'all to call. Call Mac and breathe heavily into the phone, talk dirty, be obnoxious, whatever. Just do it. And if you get the voice mail? Leave it in a message. *67 blocks you're number; it's "Anonymous commenting on, IP logging off" but for phones.

Come on, you know you want to.

Feel free to link anyone and everyone to this post, Mac needs phone-sex, even if it's only aimed in Mac's general vicinity.

Also? Mac has totally okay this. That is why Mac does not want to be named.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Stupid Lunch

Okay so I'm back at the college library again. I need to do a thing about a calculator before they let me register for classes.

The Math Department has lunch for another half hour or so so I'm fucking around down here.

I don't remember whether I woke up at one or at four yesterday. I've either been up 25 hours or 22 hours. It's one of those. Can't sleep when I get home cause then I'll be fucked.

Plus me and Yuss and Dad are gonna drive down and see Andy cause Dad saw Andy the last time he saw us.

The calculator was rented out last fall and I litterally spaced on it for an entire extra semester. I really fucking hope they don't charge me $150 for that shit. If they do I'm keepin' the fucker and sellin' it.

Only realized when I was leaving the last time that the comps here have Mozilla on them. I is happy now. I'd be happier with my extensions too but whatyagonnado?


Clex to English Dictionary
Geek (Guh-EE-k) n., adj., v.

A Geek is someone who Nerds about fannish things. A Geek is someone who Nerds for the sake of fandom.

"Dude when my Dad was talking about cars I totally Geeked out about the Metallicar!"
Nerd (Ner-duh) n., adj., v.

Someone with an intense knowledge of a non-fannish subject. A Nerd is someone who learns for the sake of the fun.

"[...] and then he said all sorts of things about Linux and BASIC and other things my brain didn't get and then he totally hacked porn for me! My gay!boy's a Nerd!"
Dork (Door-k) n., adj., v. [See also: Doofus; dumbass; mook; mooktard; retard; idiot; and moron.]

A Dork is someone who frequently does things others might consider embarrassing. They usually care little to nothing of what other people think and tend to laugh loudest and longest at themselves.

"[...] and in the middle of the interview he just walks in and sticks his finger up Jensen's nose! DUDE. HE IS SUCH A DORK. MOG!"


I may or may not have forty plus icons on my home for Places You Never Leave. And tsome may or may not have suggestive shots of parts of Dean with "The Merchandise" on them.



And I totally didn't sing along to Panic At The Disco in the car on the way here. Except for maybe the "Haven't you people ever heard of/closing the Goddamn door?" part.


It's only one song.

Shut up, don't judge me.

I still have taste.



*Snuggles her Texas Boys*
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Game time!

Nabbed from minervacat.

Cliff. Shag. Marry. I'll start you off: Dean Winchester, Michael Scofield, Sam Winchester.

(The rules: Three names, you've got to toss one off a cliff, shag the second, and marry the third, no exceptions, no matter how difficult or gross; all public figures (IE celebrities, politicians, etc) and all fictional characters are fair game; livejournal users and ex-boyfriends are not; jump into any comment thread you feel like with answers; in your answering comment, include three more people so the game continues; don't worry about spamming me.)