June 2nd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


How much do I procrastinate? I just spent an hour or so uploading a new mood theme. It's SPN. I don't see it being up for long though, I see myself spending a week or so actually making one sometime in the near future.

Also? I want a new header. And I want to make icons.

Who wants to guess the "progress" of my PBFE?

I totally haven't opened Photoshop at all though, even with all the new shinys I got for it.
I hate being a chick. I've gone through three pairs of shorts in eight hours. And I want steak, medium rare. Ma overcooked last night. Boo.
Ferry, Amanda, Julia, Elissa and I cracked out for 72 pages in word last night. Well, we cracked out a lot before it to but the MSN!RPG!Orgy (With Emo Dean, Sexy Dean, Sammich, Sammy, Papa John, Tweener, Wentworth, Jensen, Dominic, STRUMMER and several others) was 72 pages long.

Also? Julia, Elissa, Ferry, and Halfshell all suck because they're done with their PBFEs.
I think I'm gonna add some more on to my "Facts About Clex" thing. Maybe.