May 15th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Fernando would be *so* angry!

My Ma got called "Mrs. Scofield" at work today by her boss. He watches Prison Break too and everyone knows about CJ. Apparently they were like, the only two people there who got the joke.
There's this kid I know, Travis, who everyone rags on. He's a friend of ours so he's used to it and it ain't nothin' bad but still...

Anyway one of our running things with him is that we've decided all of his girlfriends are actually men named "Fernando." We commonly says things like "Oh, Fernando wouldn't like that," and "What would Fernando say?" and "Tell Fernando we love him too!" and other things like that.

Sucre is even funnier when you picture him having a tall, red-headed boyfriend with freckles and a job at Circle K.
Prison Break season finale tonight. Grey's Anatomy season finale (Part 2) tonight.

Mommy's home so we'll definitely be watching GA tonight. Ma is still two episodes behind on Prison Break and so I won't even let her watch the previews yet.

If I get spoiled for the Prison Break season finale tonight heads will fucking roll.
Today I'm taking a break from writing. Not to read, sadly, but to organize my Supernatural folder a little more. I rarely get more than about a dozen fics in whenever I try.

See, Prison Break was okay because I knew when I started saving fics that I was gonna have a bunch so I set up all my folders and stuff right at the beginning.

Supernatural snuck up on me and suddenly I had a hundred things in a folder with no categories.

This makes my OCD cry and throw a temper tantrum.
Ma gets her check on Friday, hopefully we should have enough money to get the film developed so all y'all can see my hair.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

This is not a rant. Really, it's not.

It's an observation. I'm not complaining really because it's just a small detail I've noticed and many authors make this mistake. Many very good authors make this mistake, which proves that I'm just way too OCD for my own good.

It's kind of easy to spot which writers haven't stayed in a cheap motel in America. I'm constantly seeing things in fics, usually in Supernatural, which mention a bathroom (meaning behind the door) in a cheap motel room that has a mirror, sink, and all the other things that you expect in a normal bathroom.

Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in motels and hotels growing up I would like to clarify this fact. In a cheap motel, Motel 6, Super 8, and pretty much every cheap one you can think of, the bathroom areas all have the same layout. The "bathroom" is a toilet next to a tub with a flimsy curtain. There is a door that separates this from the rest of the room. Directly outside of that door is a mirror stuck to the wall above the counter top and a sink hollowed into the counter top.

This is the standard layout for a motel room.

I think the main problem is that people are confusing hotels and motels.

If you can drive straight up to a room on the first floor it's a motel, if you need to go inside of a building and walk through a hallway to get to your room it's a hotel. Hotels are more expensive. Motels are generally cheaper except for the very rare and odd occasion that they're all full up. This happens during peak tourist seasons and when there are Big Events in town. You're hard-pressed to find a cheap room in or around Phoenix when Nascar's in town.

Okay, now that I'm done with my nitpicking I'm gonna go back to organizing my stuff.

I really want to get high-speed net so I can go and re-tag all my entries. This isn't sad, is it?
In other news? My Mom literally just saw the new jetta commercial for the first time. The one where the two guys driving in the car talking about the word "like" and then they get into a car crash? My Mom's response? Is to crack up laughing. I totally know where my sense of humor comes from. *Snerks*