April 27th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Didn't update yesterday except for the Fcuk Chat Fic. Totally weird feeling not to update.
Yesterday one of my classes had our tour to Lower Buckeye Jail. We went through a pod that had been emptied because the sewer was backing up. Wow, that smell was... Damn. Also went through the infirmary and Doc In The Box among other places.

We got to see and walk around Juvie DeSeg. There was a thirteen year old there for a drive-by and everyone else was 14-17. Most of them are in for sex crimes against minors. One of them is in for raping an eight month old.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the future of America.

Twenty-two of us were shoved into an elevator to get around. I don't like elevators. This was not fun.

We were given the choice to walk down a flight is stairs if we wanted to instead of riding the elevator once. We all agreed to the stairs.

NO ONE SAID THE STAIRS WERE GRATED! Metal stairs done chicken-wire style with holes so you can see straight down four floors to the concrete. Did I mention my fear of heights? I stared directly ahead of my and tried to get down quickly. I missed the last two steps or so and slammed down on the hurt knee and then skidded-rolled. Not fun.

I got a ride there and back with this chick named Heather. She's totally cool. We listened to Clutch on the way there and Insane Clown Posse on the way back. She got into a lot of trouble when she was younger, stealing cars and shit, and she knows that inmates aren't worthless wastes of space. Like I said: Cool.

Talked with Armando while we were there too and he's got the same kind of thing going on as I do. His Dad just got out after doing 20 years on a murder charge and he was born while his Mom was in Estrella (the women's jail). He's the only person in his family that hasn't been arrested or anything like that.

I totally volunteered him for the restraint chair. He got strapped in.
Did not pay attention at all in Rules of Evidence or Constitutional Law today. So fucking bored and so fucking tired.
Supernatural is on tonight.
I've got too many fics going at one right now. I've got like, one and a half Supernatural fics and three and a half Prison Break ones working up in varying degrees of progress.

I want to fucking read something! Ah well, only another week of classes and then finals and then I''m good till August.
I was left at home without my laptop or anything to do for like, two hours today. I wanted to make a voice post but couldn't remember and of the numbers. I almost called Elissa but I'm a chicken-shit and I wussed out.

I called my Dad earlier. I held down mute and hung up after the second time he said hello. I want to talk to him so badly but I'm a huge fucking wuss. I think I may call again tonight and leave a message while he's sleeping.
Saturday Mom will have been out for exactly a year. It's also Dad's birthday.
My phone is still broken, which means that while it rings when you dial it the phone itself doesn't actually ring. So I can't pick it up and answer because it wont turn on. This is the chance for everyone who's a wuss like me to call. My phone number is (602) 518-8601, anyone who sees this is free to call it and leave a message. If you want a call back leave your number and I'll try not to be such a gigantic girl.