April 23rd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


I got recced again! You know I suddenly don't mind spending like, a week on that story.

Okay so I'm making myself a new header. Why? Because I got bored and ansty yesterday waiting to go out to eat.

My problem? I have Jared, Jensen and Dominic.


I have literally I think 14 versions of the header saved and I'm looking through lyrics when I realize that I forgot to add the Wentworth picture I had all picked out.

And now? I don't have any room on the header.

The version I'm working on now is 17 layers deep and counting. I'ts 780x335 and has no room for Went. I'm trying to figure out whether to just leave it (Though it feels lopsided now that I've noticed) or weather to Copy/Paste everything onto a bigger canvas and go from there.

This is me not even thinking about how to code the fucking journal when I finally finish this.