April 11th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

I'm alive!

Okay yeah. So I haven't really checked my FList at all since like, Friday.

I give up. I'm checking my filters and the journals I always check, if someone asked me something directly in their journal and I didn't answer this is why.

I am so fucking tired.

I'm DLing J-Cat right now.

That post last night? Was not me talking fast. That was me trying to slow it down a little.

I'm going to type up my things on J-Cat here in a few minutes. soon.

I slept through most of Rules of Evidence today. It was Hearsay (Which is so much more difficult than you would think) and I have a test on it Thursday and Tuesday. I'm glad they're all open-book, open-notes.

Still have the hated stories to work on and the John Doe 1Chara thingee.

Still fucking tired. Ate a piece of nasty pizza and had a huge thing of Rasberry Ice Tea.

It's supposed to be fucking 90 today. That's 32.2 to all you celsius peoples out there.

I still don't know why last night's ep was called J-Cat.

I still need to do my Power Point on the Chicago PD for class tomorrow. A fucking ten minuted presentation. I have what I want to say but apparently I need visuals for the class too. Fucking asswipes.

I'm kinda cranky right now because I'm tired and I want to go home and I hate the fact that I'm back to blonde for the first time in... about 8 years. I want to go get my hair re-dyed and for once the problem isn't money; it's that Mom wants me to wait until my birthday because it'll be closer to CJ's release date and then it won't be as faded as if I got it done this weekend.

I know it's only a one week difference but I've been blondeish since Spring Break and it just feels icky and unkempt.

Next Friday me and Joseph and Andy are going to go see Silent Hill. We all want to see it the day it opens but if we wait until Saturday we won't have to pay for my ticket except I just remembered that we're celebrating it on Friday because Joseph's gonna be in Flagstaff for a Magic: The Gathering prerelease.

Tomorrow after my ten minute presentation I get to go to Durango Jail here in Phoenix and take tour with class.

I'm gonna go now and... fuck around on the net for a while. Later.

Spoilers for PRISON BREAK 0116/0117 (Brother's Keeper/J-Cat) in the comments)
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

More randomness

I swear one of these days I'm gonna read somethign of hers that doesn't leave me crying. Supernatural, slight Dean/OFC, mostly Gen.

I kinda want to be on JournalFen just because of this comm.

*Headdesks* I should not have clicked on that fucking post. I should've known better. THis is why I don't watch House that much anymore. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap!

Somebody here has perfume on heavy enough that I'm having very bad trouble breathing and my eyes are blurring.Fucking allergies.

...I think I'm writing Sam!Fic in my head.

And Mama!Scofield can pass for Mary Winchester very easily. At least when I write her I think.

No Sammy! Stealing is wrong, no snowballs! Oh well, if they're for Dean...

I want to vomit on people who post really long stories without LJ cuts.

I've never been to a Con and I want to go to one. See, if only all our Prison Break people weren't stuck all over the world...

Apparently there's gonna be an SPN comm in Tennessee in the middle of October. I wish I could afford to go. And had a way to get there. And wouldn't be in classes then. And weren't all baby-spazzy about being in another state basically by myself.

I'm currently listening "When You're Good To Mama" from the Chicago soundtrack. I feel oddly unashamed of this.

I have just lost a good fifteen minutes to a bad piece of SPN fic. Ugh. This is why I only read recs in new fandoms...

Note to self: Check these out.

MOG! Much love for this one. Much love for Jack and Becky too.

I have a Bad Feeling for some reason. And it's quarter to eight and I still have to hop on the bus and go home. In the dark. By myself. Seriously, my leg has not stopped jumping for the last like, hour that I've baen awhere (How the fuck is that word spelled anyway?) of.