April 9th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Lazy Sunday, yet again

alazysod sucks. I have just lost... six? Like six hours to really bad fic because of her. Big ol' meanie.
Mommy threw her back out earlier.
Watching The O.C. season 1 with my Mom. I forgot how much I used to like this show.
I need to read actual fic that doesn't suck.
I have spent the past day and a half meta-ing on Dean Winchester. I luff him like Lincoln now.
I love Seth. And? Ryan does too.
Myspace rocks. My big brother's ex-girlfriend, the one he had a son with and now has another kid of unknown sex with? Someone who she works with is on myspace and managed to find me.

I don't have my actual name on it or any pictures but she managed to find me. And I know she's not faking because she mentioned that she worked with Sophia Smith (The ex) and that Sophie was looking for Bryon (My brother, she spelled his first and last name right).

We've been trying to find Sophie for a while but trying to hunt down someone with the last name "Smith" is insane.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about B.
I want to read O.C. fic.

And Supernatural fic.

And Prison Break fic.

I have two fics that are fledgling right now. I don't like either of them (Except for one line in one of them) but I have to get them out of my head. I really don't like them. At all.
I have a Sara icon now. My first one.

I blame this on all of you.