April 7th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Supernatural Chicken!

*Cackles* I now have every episode of Supernatural burned onto two CDs! Hell House and Something Wicked are .avi but the rest are small wmv and I don't care because now I can watch them!


Also? I've already signed up for the next round at PBFE, I haven't figured out what I want in my fic though so I left a "Will get back to you on this, not sure ATM." for that.
I'm gone in like, fifteen or twenty minutes. I'm gonna buy a family-sized thing of KFC and pig out by myself while I sit at home alone and wait for Mommy to get off work.

I don't even care that I sound like I'm five.
Supernatural Fandom scares me. I'm staying over here on the fringes. That whole "John is a Bad Daddy!/John is a Good Daddy!/John is an alcoholic!/John beats his kids!/John voted for Bush!" thing going on is kinda scary.

We don't really have anything like that in Prison Break Fandom, do we? Aside from that whole "incest" thing which is suprisingly not that "bad" in terms of wankage.
I don't want to go home. :(

Why can't there be something that isn't Ghost Whisperer on at seven on Fridays?
Still loving the moodtheme!