March 28th, 2006


Pain and Prison Break and Lincoln is Fucked. Up.

Prison Break Promos up to 0115 - By Skin and Teeth.

I've also got a request in somewhere for the promo shown last night for 0116, as soon as it gets filled I'll reupload it and let all y'all know.

Mom's going to the ER today if she knows what's good for her. She has red lines on her foot and we've always heard that was a sign of infection.

I fucked my knee up even more and it hurts to straighten it now. I've got an appointment with my doctor tomorrow at 1330 but all he can really do is recomend me to another specialist for my knee. Hopefully this one wont be full of shit and wont tell me there's nothing wrong.

LJ and Tweener didn't update last night or Sunday because I was mondo busy doing nothing. They will be updating later though.

One of the cutest things I've ever read. Supernatural - Sam and Dean and John - Gen.

Burning 0115 and Marishna's caps of it right now.

May try and finish my last 6 sentences for Linc before I go.

I fucking hate the word "duel" because it's been used in fic for so long ("their tounges dueled") and I'll admit it: It tweaks me wrong. When I hear "duel" I think of an actual battle and when I hear about "dueling tounges" I think that someone must be a horrible kisser because your toung should not resemble a sword at all, that's just sick and gross.

ETA: Look what I can do! [info]The Gay Agenda!

1Chara - Linc

FUCKING WHORE! All I have is "Attitude" and "Lock" left. I hate all you people who this comes easy to; you're all big meanies.

I've been looking through the comm for ideas for attitude, because I don't want to do the expected but I probably will anyway. Anyway, I was looking through there and I noticed? Most of the people's sentences are actual, small, short sentences. Mine? Are mini-stories I have dragged out and cut-down and turned into run-ons for as long as I possibly could before I absolutely positively had to end it for risk of it being too much.

Dude. 2, 217 words and I'm still 2 sentences short.

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Okay. I've finished the Linc!Fic.

2,326 words (Including the fifty prompts).

ETA: I have no patience at all. Please tell me someone is up and willing to do a quick beta? Please? I want to post this before I keep start going through and "fixing" my stuff.