March 9th, 2006

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certainthings is now known as The Evil One.

I may never be able to eat french fries again.

For a few minutes at least.

Bellick still scares me.

I'm tired and hungry and thirsty and I have twenty minutes until I catch the bus to go home.

I am banned from reading fic until I have finished my PBFE.

I accidently read a fic today (J-Squared) because I didn't realize I was reading it until I was halfway in.


Not getting my hair died Saturday because Mommy wants to go with and she has work.

May get it done on Monday because I have no school next week because I AM GOING TO A SCHOOL THAT ACTUALLY HAS SPRING BREAK!!!

You'll pardon the screaming but I've gone to year-round schools and no schools and even though I didn't go to any school for a lot of years having that nice break right in the middle of having a lot of things to do is much more fun.

Random fact about me? I stopped going to school in sixth grade. I went to a month of ninth in one school before I got kicked out and then a week of it in another before I refused to go. I then spent like two months at a school that didn't have grades and where he actually had teachers younger than some of the students. After that I went to Job Corps and got my GED and my diploma.

I am the only person in my immediate family (mom, dad, Bryon, and Joseph) who has a high school diploma.

This may be why I'm always sure I'll fail tests and why I want A's in everything.

Shit. I forgot that I have an Article Review due tomorrow.



I might wanna start that when I get home, huh?

It snowed in Flagstaff but Phoenix still has no rain.


I don't wanna write my PBFE fic and the only reason I don't wanna is because I hafta. If I didn't hafta? I'd be going at it like T-Bag after Michael.

I wrote a hand-page of it in Constitutional Law today before I went to sleep.

I drooled on my hand.

So. Tired. Want my mommy. Want my Pooh Bears. Want to be home and in bed.

Yay! 2030! Time to head for the bus!

My icon and my mood icon match!
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Okay WTF dude? Whenever I try to reply to a comment through email it says Error and won't let me do it? What did I do?

...I'm also not currently braving FFNet for That 70's Show slash and if I were it wouldn't have anything to do with just having watched Joseph Gorden Levitt kiss Topher Grace.
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