February 25th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

MVBitchy again

More of the dialog-only fic. I think this might be the end but I still need help. It feels chunky in some parts, like it was a weird transition. But I figured that that would feel kinda right if you had a couple of teenage kids talking.

Lemme know what works for you and what doesn't. This lacks a header because I won't put one on until I know if I'm done or not.

I totally need to make myself a MLV icon because I do.

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The movie they're watching is this one.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Mm. Tired.

Back from Matsuri. Had so much fun.

Today was really good. Got Pocky and Peach gummies and rice candy. Spent four dollars on a tiny ceramic origami crane chopstick holder because it reminded me of Prison Break. Mom laughed at me and agreed that that was sad.

Borrowed a shit-load of movies from Joseph's friend Keith.

Have these kinda sweet ideas for a Sucre fic. He now has four big sisters. Mom's there too, Dad's back in Puerto Rico with Fernando's big brother and the rest of the family. Marisol is the youngest sister and her and Fernando are Irish twins, she's only eleven months older than him. She's the one who packs him pants and a shirt whenever the others dress him up and lock him out of the house. Guadalupe and Carmelita are the mean ones and seem to exist simply to make his life hell. Gertie's the oldest and usually the sweetest unless Fernando has managed to make her angry in which case he would usually go and stay with his Tía for a few days and bum around with his cousins Hector and Priscilliano until it was safe to come home.

I just spent an hour looking for the perfect names for his sisters. So sad.

Icons I need:
Some kind of Evil Bitch icon.
A writing icon.
A "Help!" icon
A Michael, Lincoln, Veronica icon (Making one now but not sure if I like it).
A Bellick icon (Eventually).

I'm about to go Actress hunting for Sucre's sisters now. So fucking sad.

I just noticed that the Fox Bios has Sucre growing up in Humboldt Park. That's like the only thing about The Bios that makes me happy because it's a shitty, shitty place and very high in crime and I think it suits Sucre very well. And? I'm suddenly remembering that I mentioned Michael "surviving" in Humboldt whenever Linc got put away.

...I'm really just waiting for the bunnies to hit on that one.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Boo and evil sisters too (I'm so bored I'm rhyming)

I'm making Mommy watch Monster's, Inc. and she's liking it so far. Yay!

Also? Thanks to fiddleyoumust I have cast Sucre's sisters and he's grown a new one.

Marisol - America Farrera
Rosalinda (Rosa) - Tamara Mello
Guadalupe (Mary) - Eva Mendes
Carmelita - Eva Longoria
Gertrudes (Gertie) - Jennifer Esposito

Poor Sucre. He's so screwed now. Yay!