February 23rd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Real life and slang and Supernatural linkage. Oh and a really long Meme too.

For the Supernatural fans who lack flash here are the links from Winchester Laptop off the WB site:

I love this place. Mmm. Dominic. It's kinda disturbing just how much I want to jump his bones when he has a flannel tied around his waist.

There's a $500 scholarship for my major for next semester at my school. The dealine for submissions is March 6th and I'm going to apply. Mr. Bunch and Mr. T. have already said they'll give me letters of recomendation, I just have to go pick them up from Job Corps Monday.

Mom got the divorce decree today. She said Dad looks totally different; his hair is down by his shoulders and he's fully sleeved now.

...I kinda really miss him and that scares me.

On the same note she got the order of protection today too and when I go to Job Corps on Monday I have to talk to all the staff-type people there and tell them not to give out my address.

My family is fucked up.

Wrote like two more pages of dialog on the Michael-Veronica fic. It's insane and I love it and it's fun.

"Since his boobs are bigger than yours I think he called you a guy and can you please move your girl parts off me now, you're gonna make it crawl back inside and cry."

Don't remember if I pimped this place out yet/before but it really is cool. Here too. And here, and here.

Someone just told me that my Michael/Lincoln fics are some of their favorites in the fandom. That is so amazingly cool!

*Is giddy*

Five Things is still open. I am about to make a post with the ones we have so far but you can add to them at any time.

I got a 100 on my test in Constitutional Law. I rock!

We watched the first like fifteen or so minutes of A Few Good Men in Rules of Evidence today and then we watched the part where Tom Cruise meets the marines for the first time.

On Tuesday we're gonna watch the opening arguements and some cross-examination. "What does this have to do with Rules of Evidence?" You might ask. We're moving on to the rules involving witnesses and cross-examination now.

Gangked from makealimb

The Yes/No Meme
- 100 Yes's or 100 No's
-You can only say yes or no
-You are not allowed to explain anything.
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That was kinda fun.

1614 and there's like no one online it seems. I think I'm gonna head home soon so that I can fuck around on Photoshop, I have some graphics I wanna do to clear my head. Hopefully I can get them out of the way and get inspiration for Halfshell's stuff.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Five Things...

I still need to add some of mine...

Five Things...

5 Things She is Not.
5 Things that Never Happened in College.
5 People Sara Did Not Have Wild Hot Monkey Sex With.
5 birthday presents Michael Scofield never got.
5 things Mama Scofield forgot to say.
Five times that times that Lincoln got exactly what Michael wanted (Or 5 times michael was jealous of Lincoln).
5 times Michael didn't think too much.
5 times Lincoln didn't need Michael's help.
5 times T-Bag did the right thing.
5 lies Sara never told.
5 instances Lincoln let Michael down.
5 moments Michael wanted to tell Lincoln he loved him, but did not.
Five things that would probably happen if PB was on HBO.
Five things Michael would never say to Lincoln.
Five things T-Bag is looking for in a victim.
Five ways Michael didn't meet his father.
Five places Michael never lived.
Five ways The Plan didn't go.
Five crimes Lincoln didn't commit.
Five things that never happened to T-bag.
Five victims T-bag never had.
Five things LJ never said.
Five things LJ never did.
Five things Lincoln doesn't regret.
Five ways Michael never saved Lincoln.
Five things that Michael didn't hear.
Five things Sara never said to Lincoln.
Five things no one ever knew about the Scofield/Burrows brothers.
Five things that made Lincoln notice Michael was 'different.'
Five things Michael better forget about.
Five things that makes Lincoln's heart beat faster.
Five ways Mama Scofield didn't die.
Five times Papa Burrows didn't come back.
Five books Lincoln never read.
Five things Michael always knew about Lincoln but was too afraid to talk about.
Five things everyone knows about Michael and Lincoln but no one sees fit to talk about.
Five things that should have happened during the riot.
Five things no one would have ever suspected about Michael.
Five things Lincoln kept a secret even though it pained him.
Five things LJ would never admit to have done.
Five things Michael knows about LJ but never told Lincoln about.
Five things about Michael that are so fucked up Lincoln doesn't know how to handle.
Five things to live for when Lincoln is gone.
Five things T-Bag wants to do to Michael but Lincoln wont let him.
Five things Michael would like to do to T-Bag but Lincoln wont let him.
Five things About Lincoln no one ever notices but Michael.
Five things About Michael no one ever notices but Lincoln.
Five things that Tweener shouldn't have said to T-Bag.
Five things Bellick didn't do even though he wanted to.
Five things Licoln wants to say but he can't find the words.
Five things that should have happened but never did.
Five things to run from even though they are inside your head.
Five things Lincoln wants show Michael.
Five things to do when they brake out of prison.