February 10th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Licking and glasses and love

Look what mar9en found.

njvii gau4ewu

Also? My new glasses are done already. That rocks so fucking hard! I'm headed out in like a half an hour or so to get them; it's like an hour on the bus from school here but hey, I'll be able to see on the way home!

And? I less than three mooyoo and I may have the wound-fic done by tonight (Depending on how fast I type and how coherent I can get my thoughts)!
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Have glasses.

And headache.

New prescription is strong and fucks up my depth perception.



Drabbled for thelana in the comments of my last post. I don't like it much but I liked getting the images out of my head finally.

I have new icons but I don't remember which ones they are in the keywords.

Dizzy now. Bleh.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

[Fic] Prison Break: One hundred and fifty-four.

Title: One hundred and fifty-four.
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13/R
Fandom(s): Prison Break
Pairing: Lincoln/Michael
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real.
Prompt: 72 - Fixed
Summary: Rule number one hundred and fifty-four says Lincoln must kiss it and make it better.
Author's notes: This would not be possible without jeyhawk or mooyoo's help. Especially the ending. And? As usual this is all thelana's fault: she suggested the bunny to begin with.

Collapse )
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


I just wanted to let you guys know that I've figured out why I haven't been able to get out any more of my PB/JD universe.

I think my brain is still trying to figure out what that universe's backstory is. I know that I haven't set it the same verse as "The Difference [...]" and my other fics because I woukdn't be able to write those without being incredibly sad or schmoopy.

I need to figure out at least some basics of that 'verse before I can write more of it. Because as we all know I can't write one story without refrencing sixteen different things that happened "in the past."