February 7th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

prison_details, PB100 and real life.

Made six icons for prison_details, this is one of them.

Started with the reposting of my Metas/bitchings over there.

Will post the links in my Prison Break Research folder there later.

Must be on the bus home by 1630 so that I can get there by 1730. Must grab my ACCCS (Insurence) card so I can call Nationwide Vision back. I have an appointment there at 1500 tomorrow to get my eyes re-checked, this perscription sucks and blurry words aren't fun.

Listening to The Edge while I'm here at the library, sadly because it's independent radio they don't have a string signal and I can't get it on my CD player or the one at hoem. Poo. Dance Dance by Fallout Boy is on right now, good song.

Hand copied all one hundred prompts for my PB100 table.

Have good thoughts for 18, 19, 65, 84, and 85.

Realized that "The Difference [...]" can be used for 88 (Control). Gonna go add it to the table and post it to the comm.

I like this mood icon. *Smooches Van*

I feel icky and want to have a sex-change just to make it stop. Well, that and the lack of back problems from sitting and walking and doing anything not laying down.

I miss Chicago. *Hugs her icon*
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Random Notes.

Head banging for Haywire would make an awesome band name.

Also? I suddenly want to put all these people in my fanfics (Keep in mind these are people I know IRL):

Big Liz (Lizard).
Melissa Largo.
Nicole (From Security).
Maggie (From Carpentry).
Emo-Girl (John).

Why? I'm not really sure.

Though three out of five people on that list are lesbians...
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

PB0104 Notes (Cute Poison)

"What caught me was that most death penalty cases take ten years to exhaust all appeals. Lincoln got there in three."--Nick (0104 Cute Poison)

Actually it averages about fifteen to twenty years or so according to my teacher on Tuesday. But aside from that this tells us that Lincoln was put on death-row three years ago.

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