February 6th, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Must sleep like the wind.

Linc? Was never in Gen-Pop this time around. He would have been held in county before his trial and transferred right onto Death Row once he was sentenced. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

If someone wants to make a proper story with Linc in Gen-Pop they'd have to do like alazysod and do it on a previous stint. Luckily T-Bag has been there for two and a half years at the shows start, Sucre has been there seven and Abruzzi... has been in there a while too.

And I want to see some Linc in Gen-Pop stories. I love alazysod's thing with him and T-Bag being cellie's, that rocks.

And someone who's name I can't remember just posted a bunny to pb_plotbunnies saying she wanted to see some Outsider Perspectives on our boys; random inmates seeing things and commenting on them. I totally want to do this, make up a prisoner and just take him through the series. He would have little-to-no interaction with Our Boys but would have his own thoughts on things. If I did do something like this it would totally just be some random here and there thing with a bunch of little snippets or so.

I'm tired and I feel icky. And I made kygn watch the first two eps of Prison Break while he was over here today. He had to leave right after Michael's toes did. He usually goes to bed at like ten but at 2312 I got a text from him read:

From: Don't Feed Phil
I can't get to sleep and I'm thinking of Prison Break and it's all your fault!

And in my next text he called me "Charlee the Crack Dealer." Yay!

Sominex is good. Sleeping soon. Made T-Bag icons. Three horribly shitty ones that were a lot harder to make then I thought they would be. Will post them some day.

Wound!Fic still punching me in the throat. Posting this so I can ponder things in next post. Night.

*Licks Sucre*

Deb: Hey Lucas is it true you committed the perfect crime?

Lucas: Not entirely perfect.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Lookit my icon! OMG YAY! I GOT GIFTED! This is gonna be my default until right after Valentine's, then it's gonna be my Love icon.