February 1st, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

crack_van help.

Okay. I'm about to head home so I'm doing this before I leave.

I'm going to be reccing PB fics for crack_van eventually as you all may know.

I cannot be at all possible corners of the fandom and so this is where you come in. Find me fics you love, fics that stay with you, ones that won't leave your mind. Find them and link me to them.

OCD Threads are up and icon-coated for your reccing pleasure, rec in the appropriate places please. Pairing and rating are groovy and remember that this doesn't just cover all of LJ, it's anywhere you find the fic.

Remember, it is usually bad taste to rec your own fic, that's what friends are for! Fuck it, who cares about "usually" anyway? There's a spot over here for you to Self-Pimp, come on, do it.

There's also a spot for vids and one for icons/icon makers. Why? Because.

I really should get around to making the Overview...
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Random Tweener and capitol punishment.

Okay so I was watching his vid right, Mad World by... The chick I was just talking to a moment ago. Hang on. Bahg. My internet is slow right now so just go look here at pb_vids and find it. Anyway, I'm watching the vid and it's awesome and groovy and sad and it has Tweener in it. And I noticed two things.

1) He's really pretty when he cries. Really. And I want to hug him. A lot. Nn. Babbeh.

2) Tweener came into prison sagging his pants half off his ass. Sagging? Started in prisons. It was a way to tell your cellie you were "ready" for him. Poor Tweener, he so drain bamaged. *Smooches her dorky white dork*

Oh right, almost forgot too. Today? I saw a bunch of people die. I don't mean like watching Law & Order, I mean I watched actually people die on film. I watched two people be executed by firing squad, one person get his head chopped off by a guillotine (It was from a distance but you could see the body roll off the... table thing), three people get hung, stills of people in an electric chair, and bits of someone being out to death by lethal injection.

This was for and in class by the way. When we get to chapter fifteen we're gonna watch someone be killed by lethal injection. And we heard a lot about the gas chamber and how it's pretty much watching someone choke to death for fifteen minutes.

I am so very against the death penalty right now. And the electric chair? Is fucking scary and there are people who have had to be electrocuted more than once because the first time didn't kill them. People's head's have caught fire and others have bled out of the mouth, eyes, ears, nose and such.
Also? It's not uncommon for someone who has been electrocuted to lose fingers or toes because of it. The electricity builds up and has nowhere else to go and either fries the nerves or completely destroys the fingers/toes.

I just felt the need to share these with you. And the fact that now I'm having horror images of Linc in the chair and him not dieing and just... *Shudder*