January 31st, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


I am so fucking tired. And this seemed kinda coolish. Yoinked from lissa_bear.

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Also? I'm totally remembering a Surreal Meme that went around a while back. I'm tired enough that I want to ramble about me so here are a few surreal random things that have happened to about me:
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*Yawns* I'm gonna put up the Gay Porn icons I was telling lissa_bear about in a few minutes. I also made her some nifty-keen icons too. I think sometime soon I may make a request post for icons/graphics. I realize just how much I suck at graphicing and just how much my icons actually aren't icons but hey, they're free bases.

Also? I'm the one on the left in this icon. I look dumb like woah. This was taken like an hour before I ruined my knee.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Bad day.

I'm on the verge of a panic-attack and I feel icky right now.

I fell asleep at three am last night.

I missed classes today.

I spent an hour on the bus today going to Job Corps to say hi to my former instructor Tom and talk to the class real quick. He was really proud of me and that made me feel awesome.

Then they had an assembly and I couldn't go see anyone while they were in. So I was gonna sit for like an hour and a half and wait until the assembly let out so I could go back to the dorms and hang out with my friends I never get to see for a while before going and saying hello to Rene my former RA.

The assembly lets out early and I'm at the dorms at 1500hrs, where I spend like fifteen minutes to a half an hour saying hi to various people. Rene is apparently busy until 1630 so I plan on sitting downstairs in the Dorm Lobby talking with some people.

kygn had to go do Phase IV things so I was gonna stay and hang with Brittney for a while. Brittney of course decided that she wanted to go listen to music instead and I spent the majority of the next two hours sitting mostly by myself and being almost completely ignored.

I feel like shit and I'm PMSing and today is just complete fucking crap. Brittney's a bitch and I'm a fucking wussy loser who almost cried on a bus full of strangers today.

Why isn't worthless a mood?