January 23rd, 2006

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Twenty-Six Things About Love (And the lack thereof)

Okay, you guys like it when I write stories, right? Good. Because now I need your help.

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet. I need a song and/or a movie for each one and I need a word for each one. The hard part? Is where the subject line comes in. They have to be about/make you think of either Love or Hate.

And if it's something that makes you think about [Love or Hate] then explaining why would be a good thing too.

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Also? Just uploaded a bunch of new icons and I'm crossposting the last fic in a moment or when I get home.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Oh bugger all.

I'm looking through icon posts, right? I see number 17 here and now I want Prison Break Truth or Dare. Well. Mostly To Tell the Truth.

The bad part? I don't want it Cracky. Damn.

I see C-Note pulling his usual shit, trying to get Sucre not to trust Michael as much and all that crap and then I see Michael getting pissed-off and fed-up and then it just kinda coming to a head in P.I. one day and Michael telling everyone something like: "Okay. You want to trust me? Fine. Make me trust you. You ask me a question and trust that I'll answer honestly and I get to ask you one. Deal?"

Aw damn. Another bunny. Yay. My real problem? Is that I suck at questions.

Anyone got any ideas? One con to another, what do you think they would ask with no limits?
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Pimpage and College

Look what alazysod just did! Doesn't it rock? Go tell her. Now. Do it now!

Haven't even had the Pimp Icon for a full day yet and I've already used it twice.

Also? I got out of class at 1215 today. It's 1733 right now and I'm still on campus. I'm not doing any work or anything like that, I'm just still sitting here on a computer in th library because I don't want to get off and be on the bus for an hour yet.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Veronica, Michael, and Lincoln.

Okay, spammage. I know. But you know what I just realised? The writers for PB? Fucked up again possibly.

See, according to Veronica's bio she dated Linc all through high-school.

Problem is? She's from Fuller Park and Linc and Michael grew up in Morgan Park. These places? Not so close to each other.

Also? This means Veronica grew up in a worse neighborhhod then Michael and Lincoln did.

Once more:

Veronic's bio, stating that she grew up in Fuller Park and dated Linc through High School.

Linc's bio which states that he dropped out of Morgan Park High School in tenth.

Michael's bio which states that he had an immaculate record at Morgan Park High School.

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