December 28th, 2005

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Prison Break Fic Cravings.

Okay you know what? I want Geeking. There are lots of inmates in prison for lots of years, and you know what? They need a way to pass the time. I know for a fact that there are huge sprawling games of D&D (Dungeon's and Dragon's) that get played throughout the prisons, along with chess and spades, dominoes and other games to pass the time.

People draw and get illegal tattoos and give illegal tattoos and draw flashes for the tattoos. They have card tournaments where they bet food and commissary (Commissary: Money for buying stamps, toiletries,cigarettes, and other items. The place to buy it. Also called "canteen.") and they listen to music and watch TV. Oddly enough? Three of the most popular shows in prison are The O.C., Cops, and Prison Break. Cops because they like to laugh and point out where the criminals went wrong, Prison Break to laugh at how fake it is and The O.C. because... I actually don't know why they watch that... American Idol is another popular show inside too, but I think that's mostly for the wimmen-flesh.

And yes, I will be posting these bunny-ettes at pb_plotbunnies, I just have to get the rest of my list done up right too first.

Best Christmas Present Ever

I meant to post this on X-Mas but yeah, procrastination. My best Christmas gift ever? My doctor when I was little, Dr. Ferlitt, once did a $32,000 kidney surgery on me when I was five for free. He told my Mom "Merry Christmas" and wrote off the surgery because we had no insurance and I needed it or I'd have to go on dialysis (At best).

I love that man so much. I want to find him and write him a thank-you note for all the times he saved me when I was little.

PB Transcripts

Okay, somewhere on LJ (Possibly in here even) I was talking about how Linc and Michael see they're parents, Dad specifically, and then these two scenes were brought up. I hadn't seen them because my schedule was wonky when PB started to air but thelana was kind enough to link me to where I could find the clips. I decided to transcript them because; A) They're short, B) There's some question as to the phrasings, and C) I get bored easily.

Scene one
Sara: You close?
We were.
Sara: How 'bout now?
Linc: Huh?
Sara: How 'bout now?
Linc: *Sigh* He's been abandoned his whole life: dad, mom (She died young), *Breathy sigh* and now me.
Sara: You think that's why he's here? Cause your, your death would feel like it's happening again?
Linc *Moves his head a bit and looks at Sara out of the corner of his eye*: I abandoned him a long time ago, that's why he's here.


Scene two
Michael: My old man was an abusive drunk who abandoned his family, I don't judge anyone by their father's actions. Or inactions.

Insomnia and hair dye.

I need some fucking sleep. I woke up at about 1530 yesterday and have pretty much been up since. I slept for about two hours today between noon and two until my brother woke me up. I was a complete bitch to him because I was cranky but I told Mom to make sure he woke me up when he got home so I could go to the mall with him and Andy.

How cranky was I? I was so cranky that I started crying because I wanted to go back to sleep and knew I wouldn't be able to.

Apparently I'm a four-year-old. And I still want to go to sleep and I still want my Mommy.

Tomorrow at 1000 I'm gonna go and get my hair done, I think I'm gonna do it purple again but I'm not sure. Gwen Stefani pink sounds kinda nice but... you know. Pink. I'm thinking I may try for this shade of purple but I'm not sure. Any last minute ideas?

Oh yeah, made 5 PB headers and 142 PB icons over the last couple of nights. Mostly bases and mostly icky but hey, gotta do something at three in the morning.