December 25th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Oh no.

Oh my god. jbbs just went up.

I turned in the wrong copy of my fic. I still think it sucks no matter what but the copy I turned in... I can't give details but I remember this one particular part that gave me a shit-load of trouble and I ended up having to redo it like three times.

The part I had to redo isn't fully redone in this version.

If you're ever working on a story and can't decide between things? Don't save them as TITLE A and TITLE B, it makes things bad when you send it out.

I'm just gonna go... and hide in this corner right over here.

...Well. At least I'll get to talk to B today. :D
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Present list

Okay, since my Mom has gotten into that whole Lutheran thing again we're doing Christmas this year along with Channukah.

My gifts:
New chunky watch (Chris)
Serenity DVD (Chris)
Winnie the Pooh hot chocolate set (Mommy!)
Socks and bras (Mom.)
A pretty cross necklace (Chris)
.33 Carat diamond earrings (Momma)
$25 Borders gift-card (Mom)
$100 Visa gift card (Mom by way of Chris)
Jade earrings and necklace from Japan (Grandma)
$20 (Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Al)
Tiny little porcelain jewelery boxes. V. pretty (Grandma)
Shalom rubber band bracelet (Grandma)

Idiot-Boy's gifts:
PS2 (Ma by way of Chris)
Resident Evil 4 (Mom)
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Chris)
White memory card (Mom)
Various Gift Cards (Various)
Shorts (Ma)
$20 (Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Al)
Pink dress shirt, which he totally loves (Grandma)
Nice black dress shoes, which he also loves (Grandma)

Mommy's gifts:
A silverware set (Grandma)
Shalom hanging thing (Grandma)
Big serving bowl thingie (Grandma)

I don't get my first check from work until the 2nd and Idiot-Boy's birthday is on the 4th so I can't get him anything until then. I also want to get Ma a digital camera and/or a scanner but... When I get my check it should be about 276 before taxes so I won't be getting a lot. I have no fucking clue what I'm gonna do.

I want to take my Visa!Card and go get my hair re-dyed tomorrow morning but... I'm not sure. There's a chance I may very well end up using the entire card and having to pay extra still. But on the other hand Mom doesn't want me to dye it here because when we did it at the hotel the entire tub turned purple. Plus I can't find any permanent dye that's purple/blue/pink/whatever and the salon I want to go to (Urban Hair) apparently has it. Mmph, I dunno...
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