December 13th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

X-Mas card and warning

mailea I just got the card (Technically I got it about a week or so ago but Mom forgot to fork it over apparently). I love it! Thank you!

And I just found this so I had to do it. I think I've been hindered by only having read the first book. -_-()
HP Geek Code:

One more thing: I'm going to see Brokeback Moutain tonight and I'm bringing my cell phone and phone-post numbers with me so... ANY AND ALL VOICE POSTS TONIGHT MAY CONTAIN SPOLIERS FOR BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED! *Ahem* I hate caps but I wanted to avoid angry bitching as much as I could.

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled day.

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What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Voice Post: Brokeback Mountain - First Afterthoughts.

86K 0:24
“Clex: Okay I don't know whether it beeped or not but I'm walking out of the theatre right now and <i>holy crap</i> that movie just eats through your soul. Damn. Uh, I...

(In backgroud) Kygn: It would make the pope cry.

Clex: Yeah, it would make the pope cry according to Kygn. Um, yes. more talking when I'm standing behind a bunch of people and still having trouble breathing. Uh, bye.”

Transcribed by: clex_monkie89
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What&#39;s a personal bubble? - BOYS

Voice Post: Somewhat more coherent thoughts on BBM

483K 2:18
“Clex: Okay yeah, calling again standing outside the theatre still getting my wits together... Oh my god that movie was so sad and so great and me and Kygn are going to see it again and not only are we going to see it again we are going to bring lots of people and I did not cry during the shirt scene and if Kygn says anything else hes fucking lieing. Um, oh my god I don't even know where to start. Um...

(In background) Kygn: How about guh?

Clex: Yeah, guh. Guh is a good place to start. Um oh my god, oh my fucking god everybody needs to go and see this yesterday today and tomorrow...

Kygn: Are you doing your voicepost?

Clex: Yes I'm doing the voicepost.

Kygn: Ooh see it! Go see the movie!

Clex: Yes, go see the movie oh my god. I'm shaking and I don't know why and that movie... Damn.

Kygn: And I know this is gonna sound totally f'in shallow but oh my god are they hot and you get to see Jake's butt and ooooh!

Clex: Yes. You get to see ass and you get to see kissing and wow. I just realized that there wasn't even, there was not a lot of kissing there was barely any sex and I didn't even notice the movie is *that* good. Oh my god. (Incoherent noises undecipherable even by me, the person who made them)

Kygn: Heath Ledger deserves the friggin Oscar.

Clex: Yes Heath Ledger needs the Oscar, if he doesn't get it I say we stage a *fucking revolt* and just *bomb* the accademy!

Kygn: I've never seen Heath Ledger act like that before, I've seen a lot of his movies and that was the best acting *ever.*

Clex: Yeah. Oh my god, and then with the fucking shirts and the blood... oh my god! (Vaguely heard squee and unseen flailing)

Kygn: I know!

Clex: Oh my god. Oh my fucking god! Uhm. Damn it was funny too though, funny in parts... the entire audiance started clapping, there was this scene where Jack Twist (That's Jake Gyllenhaal's character) is having Thanksgiving dinner with his family and his father-in-law who hates him kepps getting up off to tu--(Stupid phone dropped the call and that's the end right there.)”

Transcribed by: clex_monkie89