November 18th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Week in Recap.

Last Friday blew. I fell asleep Friday morning at 2am, knowing that I'd have to be up for Psych at 7. Mom spends 45 minutes waking me up the next morning right? I spend fifteen minutes quickly getting dressed, getting my stuff ready, and quickly re-pulling my hair. I hop on the bus and get to the college. And realize there are no cars in the employee lot. Fucking Veteran's Day.

Prison Break NO SPOILERS

Sergent Sodomy may be my favorite new insult now.

It's really kinda disturbing how much I liked the cavity search scene just now...

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Lost was awesome but I forgot to take notes and have a time-limit right now so by-passing with a few small mentions: Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, and Bernard rock. Completely. Cannot wait until next week.


Have a job interview with Wal-Mart at 1400 today, might be working in the toy department. Yay! Going with kygn to see Jarhead at 1920 tonight, then going to the Grandmother's afterwards. Going to see Bryon tomorrow! Contact visit. I haven't hugged my brother in over two years and I get to tomorrow morning. I can't wait! Sunday we're going over to Grandma's to eat. Monday at 1400 I have a doctor's appointment to find out how soon my surgery can be done (The one on my knee). This kid from my Mom's work and possibly one of my brother's friends are gonna come over for Thanksgiving. Chris (Work-Boy) isn't allowed home for the holiday's or he'll be arrested (Emancipated) and John (Emo-Bitch)... Dude his Mom called him a few days ago to say she was in Mexico and will be back in a month or two. The hell?!


Hal Sparks rocks. He was a DM dude. SO much more love then I even thought possible.

I have a paid account. Fuck yeah, go me! Fifteen icons (eleven up so far) and all sorts of other fun things. I want a new layout but have no fricken clue what I want, or how I need to do it.

Signed up for jbbs, got my assignment. I have an idea. All I need is a block of time to get it out. Good thing I'm gonna be spending six hours in car with nothing to do, huh? I'd do that whole thing where I tell you all about it but hey, I don't wanna take any chances that my giftee will find out.

On another note? If anyone out there knows where I can find/can make me some sort of holiday icon that's not Christmas. I'm a Jew and it makes me sad that I can't find a single good Jew!Icon out there.

Twenty minutes till I have to go now. Gonna check my FList one last time and head to the bus stop. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!