October 8th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Jesus fuck dude.

This is a check-in to let people know I'm still alive and still here. FH is just the ultimate zombie by far.

RL-wise things are going to shit but only because Compass Banks is fucking us over hardcore. Everybody seems to be asleep or worn out from Homecoming. Did I mention that that place is absolute crack?

I have a maybe-kinda date on Tuesday with this chick named Cassi. I don't wanna go because I don't do the whole dating thing. I...

This is exactly why I shouldn't date. I wanted to say no, make up some excuse or something but I opened my mouth and "Okay, sure" came out. It's not because subconciously I wanted to go, it's because for some reason I have a problem saying no to people.

Anyone who was on my list when the Survivor Meme was going around knows why I have this problem. As much as I like to tell myself that I'm okay and I'm dealing it's really not true. I have so many things wrong with me and I know that most if not all can be traced back then. I mean, I can't even use the bathroom in public. I spent a year and a half in a dorm going at 2:30 in the morning because there was no chance of anyone coming in then.

I've got massive issues with touching and hugging and crap like that, and the fact that I can hug kygn or my other friends makes me happy as hell because a few years ago I would've stiffened up the way I did with James when we were dating. I just. Oh my fucking god dude I don't wanna go! God my fucking stomache hurts now.

I'm going to go and... not be here right now. Yeah.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Phone Meme

How it works:
o1. Give your cell phone number to your Friends list.
o2. Don't answer any calls that you don't recognize, allowing your Friends to leave you messages.
o3. If your Friends list is game, they will leave hilarious messages, jokes, songs and riddles in your voice mail, and some will make you guess who they are by giving hints. The secret is to NOT ANSWER THE PHONE unless you recognize the number.

I'm bored and my mom is the only one who ever calls me so. Yeah.