July 29th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


In California for a cousin's wedding, staying at the Hilton in Mission Valley, never stayed in a place this nice legally. Weird. Typing this from the "bussiness center" this is the only computer and if I want to hook my laptop up and put it online I have to pay $10 I don't have.

Went to the beach this morning. And fell asleep.


The left side of my face is red and burny, but not the left side cause I had an arm over it. Of course the inside of that arm is bright red along with my entire left arm. Don't even wanna think about how I'd be if I hadn't worn my pants. Almost forgot to mention the large red burn in the middle of my thigh where I have a hole in said pants. Dammit.

Went to the Rehersal dinner tonight. Ate a bunch of shit I'm allergic to, so much pain right now. Was stuck in a room with 80+ family members, of which I'm considered the quiet one. I actually went outside for a little while because I got a massive headache from all the noise.

I'm disgusting BTW, I think my 16 year-old cousin is hot. It's so wrong on so many levels. My only consolations are that A) He doesn't look 16 and B) I've only met him once before for a few hours so it's not like we're close or anything.

It's almost midnight and I'm tired and burny and having cramps and I swear if there's a god he's gotta be a guy cause no chick would ever make another one go through this shit every month. Bastard. I'm going to leave now before I get all TMI. Goodnight all.

Hardly use this icon so I'm using it now.