June 8th, 2005

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It's nearly one in the morning and I'm sitting in front of my laptop in my Superman PJ's (Yay! Boxers, shirt and pants all match! Stupid chest won't fit any bra's not made for grandmothers. Bastards.) absoutely fucking giddy because I now have a cell phone! And free long-distance (US only)! Given, I have no one to call and no one ever calls me but my Mom... And there it goes. One sentence and I'm back to normal. Dammit.

Also the Job Of Utter Fucking Fear? Yeah I quit the day I was suppossed to start. Sunday I was talking to my Mom on the phone about it and all of the sudden I had this massive panic-attack. Fun.

I have a new job though. I'm a telemarketer now. Put down the crosses, we need money too.

Is it sad that I want a paid account now so I can have that whole "TEXT THIS USER" thing? That and the icons of course. Stupid lack of money. Anyway. Memes then bed.

Name: P-Chan
Age: Nineteen.
Sex: A chick surprisingly enough.
Location: The floor of my Dorm room.
IM: Girly_Goku at yahoo dot com (Bute me I've had it since I was twelve)
Hi: 'Sup. Dude. 'Ey. (Or if it's morning) Nngh.
Five random things:
1) From my step-father alone I have over thirty siblings.
2) I am fucking terrified of bugs. Jump on the chair, point at the bug and screach terrified.
3) I have over 1,200 songs on my computer and I haven't listen to maybe even a fourth of them.
4) I constantly mean to make these big, lengthy posts about things and then forget until I'm offline.
5) I am really cold right now but won't take my comforter off my bed because then I'll have to make it tomorrow.

Post the three worst movies you saw at the movie theatre.

1) Gothika. And I was forced to see that shit twice.

2) Ring 2. I saw this for free at the dollar movies and I still felt ripped off.

3) The Pacifier. I will watch Gothika, Ring 2, The Darkness (Only movie I've ever walked out in the middle of and demanded a refund for) and Catwoman back-to-back before I voluntarily watch this... thing again. There is no way to possibly out into words how aweful this was. I pity anyone who saw it. The only good part was when the little girl kept asking about Vin Diesel's boobs.

I didn't include The Darkness because I never finished it in the theatre and it would've felt kinda like cheating a little bit.
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