April 29th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Oy vey.

Okay you know what. My mother is officially out of prison as of thirty-five minutes ago (It's 0835 right now). At around 1:30 or so today my grandmother is picking up my brother and myself to go and get my mom. We are going to pick her up and go out to eat and stay the night at my grandma's. Tomorrow we're going to take my mom shopping for food and clothes and then we are going to drop her off at her half-way house.

I am freaking out so badly right now I'm pretty sure I'm about to throw up. I just...I don't know. The last time I saw my mother (The three total prison visits don't count) was the day before Thanksgiving in 2002. She and her boyfriend (Now my step-dad) left and said "Love you guys see you in the morning," and didn't come back.

A few days before hand me and my mom had gotten into a huge fight at the mall, she called me a cunt and told me I was the cause of all our problems and bitched at me for not going out and getting us money for a hotel room. Yeah. Like that. I socked her and she hit me back and me and my brother ran away. Or at least we tried to. We called my grandma, who informed us we couldn't stay there, and asked if she would drive us down to Mesa to our brother/friend Andy's house.

When we got there we knocked on Andy's door and his bedroom window for nearly fifteen minutes (It was about 11 at night) before we had to give up. We didn't know anyone else so we had Grandma take us to the apartment of "this chick we know" named Mary. Mary was one of CJ (Step-bastard)'s friends and Mom and CJ were staying with her. We stayed for about two days and then Thanksgiving hit.

Since then me and Yussie (AkA Idiot-Boy) have lived: in CPS for about a week or two, with Mary from November until March, and then with Grandma for a week, and then with an Uncle we never met from March until January(Me)/February(Yuss-Monkie). January of '04 I moved into Job Corps and February of '04 Yussie moved into Grandma's. He stayed with Grandma until this past either June or July when he finally got into the dorms here at Job Corps.

I haven't seen my mother in around two years, haven't seen my dad in nearly three and haven't seen my big brother Bryon in nearly three. Again, prison visits don't count.

Especially in Bryon's case because he's on a 5-yard which means he has non-contact visists. We have to call and make an appointment to see him for a maximum of two hours at a time a maximum of two times a week. When we get to the prison and go through the metal detector and the wand and everything we get taken into a room with about twelve concrete dividers seperating the different visitors (for privacy). There is a thick layer of bullet-proof glass seperating the visitor from the inmate, with one phone on their side and two phones on yours. The prisoners are brought in before you arrive and are kept in a litteral cage behind the glass like they're animals in some sorts of zoo.

Okay you know what, this is just staring to piss me off on top of freaking me out and bugging me so I think I'm going to go right now and... I don't know. Do something. Yeah. Okay then. Bye now.
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