April 26th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Yesterday I was sitting at the 600 desk at my school working. That means I was answering phones and writing down the movements of all the CPO (Center Protection Officers) on center.

I got bored.

I had free paper and a pen. So I started writing. with several different handwriting styles and personalities.

I have just turned the piece of paper into a fic.

I head to lunch in a few minutes but in about an hour or so hopefully I should be back and have said fic up and posted. I kinda sorta vaguely like it.

So weird. This whole creative bender started on Saturday when I got a new drawing pad and felt the need to drawe a scene from one of chaosmanor's fics. I kinda like that drawing a bit too. God that's weird...

Also check the icon, sweet.