March 29th, 2005

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


sanrei Is my pre-op FtM friend Aiden. He is a=currently dating the female version of him (Long story) a straight(ish) guy named Brian. All you need to know.

sanrei: Well, last night, I brought up, out of nowhere, that I though hamburgler was a really funny word.
Me: Like Mukaluk
sanrei: And then i laughed and laughed and Brian pated my back and told me to let it all out.
sanrei: And i don't know how it came to this, but I asked him what he would do if I said Hamburgler while we were having our unholy lesbian/gay ..smutfest, since you think brian's a girl. XD And he replied, and I told him i'd hold him to his word, so tonight, out of nowhere, I said hamburglar, he started laughing like mad and I ruined the entire night but in a funny way.
Me: OMG! OMGOMGOMG! I have to tell Liz and Errin this real quick!
sanrei: Wha?
Me: Heheheheh!
sanrei: XD
Me: Dude, you have so many fucking problem it's not even funny!
Me: Except that it totaly is!
Me: **Tottaly
Me: ?
sanrei: Brian says I'm prolly the only person who has ever said hamurglar during sex.
sanrei: hamburglar^
sanrei: And so now, I have a plan.
Me: Oh no.
Me: I actually said "Oh no" out loud FYI
sanrei: When the girls upstairs start playing music an dstomping around after midnight, I'm going to o something very very great. xD
Me: Oh no
sanrei: I'm going to get up, and start jumping up and down on the bed, occasionally throwing myself bodily, against the wall, and yelling in an ecsasty filed voice: Oh! Hamburglar!" Until they stop.
Me: Holy crap dude.
sanrei: And if they come down to see what's happening, I'm going to answer the door groggily and act like they're hearing things.
Me: ::Sets up an alter and worships::
sanrei: *faceredblush*
Me: Oh, you so realize this is going in LJ, right?
sanrei: Brian started it by saying he was glad I didn't yell it.
sanrei: Yes, I do realize, i suppose. XD
sanrei: I almost can't wait for them to disturb my sleep again. *evil grin*