November 11th, 2004

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Bad movies make my brain bleed and seizure.

Just got back from seeing Saw. It was really fucking funny. But...

Westley seems to have lost the ability to act. Really. That was some of the worst acting I have ever seen. And I was forced to sit through A Walk To Remember. Lobster Men From Mars had better acting than that.

Honestly though? Collapse ) It really was a very bad movie, but good-bad. Bad enough that you wanna see it again to make fun of it some more.

Unlike Queen of The Damned which makes me want to kill people. More speciifically: Michael Rymer (The Director), Scott Abbott (A Screenwriter), Michael Petroni (Another so-called Screenwriter), Kylie O'Toole (Some of the worst makeup ever), Nikki Gooley (The idiot who supervised the hair and make-up), Dany Cooper (The Film Editor), and the rest of these people.

Really. I dispize the movie that much. There are only three good things about the movie. The music was good, the scene that was in all the previews when Lestat shoots straight into a sitting position while holding onto the headphones, and the pretty skirt he wore at the end.

The make-up was horrible--the vampires were grey, the Redhead was red and blotchy, the "egyptian make-up" was fucked up so bad I don't know where to start, the direction was so horrible it was almost painful, the story sucked ass, and the way Aaliyah slithered around was a disgrace. It's not like it someone asking me to dance or anything, she had rythem. She was told to slither like a white girl trying to be seductive or something, it was scary but not in the way intended.

In other news it took me seven months (Followed by a day and a half) but I finally have my Birth Certificate. And tomorrow I go for my permit. Oy. Wish me luck.
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