September 13th, 2004

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Spam Links

Okay yeah. Haven't updated in a while, things've been boring and busy, will try to do a proper job of it tonight. In the meantime I've done some spamming and here be the links. They're all LotR actors obviously.

All links not dial-up friendly, all links contain at least one high-res pic. Most contain several.

Beanie and Viggo.
Beanie: 50
Vig: 67
Total: 117
Some borderline worksafe.

Karl, David and Sala.
Karl: 39
David: 15
Sala: 1
Total: 55

Billeh, Dommeh, 'Lij, and Sean.
Group Shots: 19
Billeh: 9
Dommeh: 6
Seanie: 2
Lij: 10
Total: 46

LotR cast being Hor's.
59 pictures.

Elijah: 78
Group (With Elijah): 22
Total: 100

17 Pics.
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