September 9th, 2004

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Okay I was suposed to do 3 different essays tonight. Not for myself or my classes or anything. No, they were for Idiot-Boy and two of his friends. See their whole class got in trouble because yesterday no one studied and today everyone flunked a test. Not only that but every last person also didn't have their assignments turned in either. Because of that they were dealt a punishment.

Every person had to write an essay of at least 500 words on "Why it's good to study and get your work done ontime."

Of course naturally I'm doing Idiot-Boy's essay, but this time I got weaseled into doing two of his friends essays too (I get $10 total for theirs). I have counted every last word in each one by hand a dozen or so times.

Why you ask? Because my computer has Notepad, Wordpad, and no CD Drive. That means I had no way of counting how many words I had any other way (I even tried to find Word Counter's to DL).

But all is well because after 3 or so hours I'm done. And I accidently turned Essay Three into a story.

I'm actually quiet proud of my work because I managed to make it seem as if three different teenaged guys wrote three different essays on one topic. See for yourselves.

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Seriously? I'm kinda proud of Essay Three, and more than a little scared.

On a side note? I hope to one day fall asleep before one in the morning on a school night.

ETA: Have I mentioned how much I hate Read-Only mode?