May 3rd, 2004

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Hell fucking yeah! I just got back from WWE! America West Arena baby! Oh my god! I will squee for next two weeks--after I get my voice back.

In the first match of RAW it was Evolution Vs. Edge (My baby!), Tajiri (My other baby!), and Shelton (I have triplets! Actualy quads cause Y2J is the Ubershine!). I won't say who won for the 8 people who haven't seen it yet but...


I love The Huricane even if he got pummeled. And I killed my voice screaming for Edge, Y2J, Tajiri, Shelton, Matt Hardy (He didn't fight but he still shined even if it was cheesily), and Benoit. ::Sigh::

My heart's all a flutter...I must go and squee for it is The Ultimate!
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