February 16th, 2004

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Why do I keep naming/writing these? Oh yeah, boredom duh...

None of these are real, but they are frickin hillarious. I kinda wish they *were* real though. That'd be cool. http://www.whitehouse.org/initiatives/posters/index.asp In fact the whole site's cool, you really should explore. All 2 1/2 of you reading this. Here's the letters page: http://www.whitehouse.org/kids/letters.asp

Another awesomely fake site, this one's "religious."

And abpout an hour into this entry (Which I totaly spaced about) my web browser(s) keep shitting out on me, Every time I hit the Open In New Window tag (As I often do cause otherwise I tend to forget I was doing something else--and I just remembered I'm in the middle of an X-Men fic. Shit) the browsers all funky, all the buttons and toolbars are moved around, I can't right-click on it, and the File Edit View... toolbar is compleatly gone.

God I fucking hate computer illiterate roomies who only use the comp to talk to their boyfriends and read thier horrorscopes and can barely CUT AND *FUCKING* PASTE! Holy Hell-Bags! If this happens one more time I may have to eat their brains just to figure out how they screwed this up. Inbreeders.

Not that I ever write anything useful but tomorrow I may bitch about this chick nextdoor Liz who's decided we're friends and I obviously want her. I'm bi. She's bi. I DON'T LIKE HER! She's annoying, and iratating, and thinks I care about what song she listening to on the radio. Now I know it's boring as hell for those stuck in the dorms on the weekends (107 Female down to literally 8, 3 of which are on my floor me included) but if she tries to talk to me again...I'll wuss out and Fake!Nice while thinking evil thoughts of pain and the general ungood. But I'll *want* to hurt her.

Oh yeah, I also wandered onto a Good Charlote Benji/Joel page. I promote any love that's consensual but I didn't like that. Not cause the pairing but cause:

A) I listen to *actual* rock, and alt rock, and *actual* punk (But more rock) so I have a tenuos grasp of them as it is. And no I don't think tenuos is the word I mean but it's late. Bite me.

B) The Author-In-Question couldn't write to save him/herself. And coming from someone who's first piece of slash was a shittily-written, OOC, Mis-spelled, Unbeta'd, almost pre-slash Goku/Vegeta (*years* ago, before Saiyanslash) that says something.

I mean come one, two guys coming out to the band/world-at-large is gonna cause some freak-outs, but related-guys, twin-guys? Fucking A man (Fuck a B it has more holes) that would *NOT*, I repeat *NOT!!* go over well. I realize that slash isn't real (sometimes) and that neither are fanfics in general (I can hope though...) but at least *act* like you live in the real world! I'm not saying to have them drawn, quarted, then shot or anything but come on, in everything that's ever happened everywhere there's alway's been at least one person to stand up and scream "It's wrong!" Sure, that person's usually a fucking mook but still, it exists.


Oh...kay? Yeah. On that note I think I'm gonna get some sleep. That was weird. Goodnight.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

More bored and quizeses

I got bored again. Somebody stop me. Please? I also think I may chuck, I just gobbled 2 omlets, 4 sausages, a hashbrown and a bowl of cereal. Oh yeah, also 3 glasses of milke. Okay 2 1/2 but same diff.

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What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Apathy, well I can say your lucky, in some ways.
You see Apathy is no emotion, basically you
don't care. But that does not make you a bad
person. Some of my friends are apathetic and I
love them, but it wouldn't hurt to care a
little more. Trust me life hurts, most people
who are apathetic do it cause they were hurt.
But don't worry, life is pain, its also
pleasure. Good luck. (please vote)

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