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So.. Lacing... Energy now...

ZOMG Went in a stripey shirt is oddly hot. I totally want... I have no idea actually. That's part of the whole "asexual" thing, I wanna do something but I don't know what cause it's not sex.

...I kinda think I wanna hug him and that makes me oddly sad a little.

I'm squeaking like a girl. I don't wanna say why cause it's all... sad-like. As in pathetic that I'm all read a squeaky because of it but I totally am.

My throat hurts after watching PB and my voice is all weird from screaming and screeching.

My right shoulder hurts like fuck now because cold weather + sick +arthritis +typing for hours straight = Swollen right shoulder.


I'm tired. And I have three sentences of my fifty done. And I want to do Sucre next.

Still tired.
Tags: fandom: prison break, gripeage, rl, writing

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