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So... Tired... Bad...Thingnes...s...

We got let loose early today at 2, I got out around 2:30 today cause I was working Pay Line (I stood at the front of the line and called people ahead by last names for their money). With the exception of dinner and 2 count them TWO fire drills I have been sitting on the computer all day unzipping pictures and icons and loading them onto photobucket. It is seven minutes to Midnight as I type this sentence.

9 1/2 (2:30-Midnight) - 1/2 (Dinner) - 1/2 (Both fire drills [Francis is even hotter with his short off and Ray is a Molesting Zombie]) -
10 (Bathroom and avoiding the vomit [Please let that have been vomit] in a stall) = 7.50

I spent nearly eight hours loading pictures (With a high-speed LAN modem just so you realize it wasn't because of the slowness) today/night. I still have movie/TV/MusicVid caps I have to load. No way in hell am I going to do that tonight.

Tomorrow Aiden, Idiot-Boy, Justin, and Amanda are going to try to make it to Rocky again.

For those of you who don't remember what happened last time I got ouchied (I see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday BTW). This time I will not get on stage. And yet...

Cross your fingers. Please?

Y'know, tonight I had really planned on actually reading some of the TPB's I got from the library the other day... I can still try.

Good-night everybody. Or morning, as the case may be. Moo.
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