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Asthmatic tattoos and Anti-Geeks.

Okay so according to the local (Fox) news kids who took lots of antibiotics growing up have a higher chance of getting asthma.

I spent a solid nine years on antibiotics, three times a days, seven days a week, fifty-two days a year.

I don't have asthma.

I get out of breath easy but according to my doctor I have normal breath-rate-whatever crap, all my lack-of-air has to do with my severely stupid allergies. When my allergies are acting up (Which is literally all the time because I'm horribly allergic to crab-grass and that's all we have in Arizona) my nose gets stuffed and I cough a lot. Enough that sometimes I have trouble breathing for a few minutes after.

Fucking allergies.

I found tribal shapes for photoshop last night. Made this:
Free Image Hosting at
(Original pic from... here. I removed the watermark on my own.)

And now I need to make myself a list of My Linc's tats and scars so I can fic.

Speaking of Lincoln and fic I've decided not to do the Zeta table because I just don't have the skill to do it right in just one sentence per. But now I have to figure out which other table I'm gonna use.

Watching Cold Case with my mom. My stomach hurts. This is so sad and Justin just needs to be hugged really hard and fandom has clearly eaten my brain because I'm really thinking about LJ and... I think my brain is trying to find a way to connect him with Justin, poor baby.

I had nightmares Thursday night/Friday morning after writing my T-Bag fic. It's weird how my brain works against itself.

I really use this mood a lot. Eugh.
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