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Go figure

First off I appologize in advance for my language, I'd cut for it but I have no idea how to do that. I'm sorry.

Go figure, I'm silent since the first and now 3 in one day. Well okay last night doesn't count completely but still... I have a new Icon got it from green Green has more. You must go and support. They're a perfect way to express the great hate for those inbreeders at the WB.
Angel makes it too 100 episodes and has a devoted, almost stalkerish fanbase so what do they do? CANCEL IT!! Mother fuckers. Friday the 13th. Go figure every Friday the 13th something bad happens, I figured I'd be immune this year cause I have my good luck charm on, hell I even won a damn CD player on my first game of BINGO yesterday! But then of course, those shit-heads decide to ruin everybody's fucking day. They're fucking cock-suckers in a bad way.

God this just pisses me off so damn much! Okay, I have to go and beat something up, where're sibling when you need them? Oh that's right, EVERYWHERE BUT HERE!! Okay, shuting up for now. Sorry again to the one kid who accidently read this looking for info on monkeys for a book report.

Tags: gripeage, insanity

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