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[Fic] Five People Sara Never Had Wild Hot Monkey Sex With.

Title: Five People Sara Never Had Wild Hot Monkey Sex With.
Status: Complete
Rating: PG-13 (Mentions of sexual acts)
Fandom(s): Prison Break
Characters: Sara, Bellick, Michael, OMCs
Pairing: Sara/OMC, Sara/No one
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: All. thelana's. Fault. That bitch made me kinda write het.

1) Mike Vickory.

They were sixteen. He had his own car and a horde of admirers and she had braces and a 4.0 grade point average. She wore her hair down and he climbed on it, he wore his special cologne and she sneezed on him.

He couldn't get her bra off and she almost castrated him with his zipper. He slobbered on her and she bit too hard and when all was said and done he got another notch and she didn't have sex for another four years.

2) Chris Trinkowski

He was tall and blond and looked like someone breathed life into a marble statue. He did all the hard drugs she was always too afraid to try and if he had an opinion about something he wasn't afraid to scream it at the top of his lungs.

Two months into their relationship they decided to go all the way. Her hand was wrapped around his cock and his mouth was latched on the side of her neck when he asked if he could piss on her.

That was another year she didn't have sex.

3) Timothy Lucas Devin Scott Alan Paulonson

His parents were friends with her parents and they practically grew up together. She shoved him down the stairs when she was nine and he pulled out a handful of her hair. They "dated" from the age of twelve all the way up until she was twenty-three.

He was her alibi when she went out on dates with boys her parents didn't approve of and she was his alibi when he went out with his boyfriend Tommy. They went to prom together and she held one of his hands and Jon held the other and they were a united front when Tim came out to his parents.

She stills talks to him every few days and he still tries to set her up every once in a while. She still refers to him as the best sex she's never had.

4) Brad Bellick

The first time it didn't happen was a Wednesday. There had been an incident the night before; a paroled inmate had found out where she lived and caught her on her way into her apartment. She kicked him in his groin with the five-inch-spike heels she only wore to and from her car and jammed her keys into his neck before running inside and calling the police.

The next night Brad offered to take her home. He drove her home and walked her all the way up to her door and they had an awkward moment where she commented that it was almost like the end of a first date without all the fun. His laugh was forced and she felt like a horrible person for saying it. The next morning he picked her up at five and she didn't find out until Monday that it was his day off.

The second time it didn't happen she was an ass and she knew it but she just couldn't help herself. It was a long day. A bad day. A Friday. Fridays were bad for a number of reasons; one of them being Eric "White Thunder" Kurntz. Every Friday Kurntz would gash himself up bad enough to get shipped to the local hospital, he said they got better cable reception at the hospital and TNT always had good movies on Friday nights.

This particular Friday Kurntz managed to cut a little further to the left than usual and Sara spent and hour and a half with her fingers in his arm trying to grab a hold of a retreating tendon. Kurntz was usually not much trouble and had "respect" for her and she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the large man. Her father called while she was wrist-deep in the stomach of 89915 and then proceeded to throw a hissy-fit at her over the phone three hours later when she had the time to call him back.

At ten o'clock that night they had shift change. Sara got a forty-five minute lecture from Nancy Dean about what she had done wrong during the day and why "all these scum-bags are lost causes" and how she was wasting her time if she thought she could ever change any of them. It was eleven fifteen by the time she managed to get out of there, and all she wanted to do was get home and get drunk and go to sleep. As she approached her car, she saw Brad was there despite having had his shift-change at ten also.

When she looks back on that moment she remembers how sweet he was and how he seemed almost... hopeful when he asked her out. Every day she sees him, and every day she remembers the look on his face when she ripped his heart out and stomped on it.

It makes her sick to her stomach to think about just how much like those mean cheerleaders she hated growing up she was.

5) Michael Scofield

She was not and is not that kind of woman. She prided herself on never having fraternized with an inmate or ex-inmate. She knows that because she's a single woman the general assumption is that it's only a matter of time. She's seen the female guards, and the occasional male one, come and go because they either took advantage of the inmates or let the inmates take advantage of them. She has never been tempted.

Until Michael Scofield.

Michael made her nervous. A different kind of nervous than Bagwell made her feel and a different kind than the other Bagwell used to; Michael made her nervous because when she talked to him sometimes she would forget.

When she stitched Michael up she would forget that he took a gun into a bank and pointed it at the head of another human being while demanding other people's hard earned money. She would forget that he was a convicted felon, and she would forget that he was married and she would forget that she had no right to feel as hurt as she did when she found out.

She never had sex with him and she never kissed him and she never did anything that crossed that physical line she had for herself. But she never once imagined for a single second how badly it would hurt her to stick to her principles.

Sara never felt his lips on hers and she never heard him breath heavily in her ear except for during the riot. She never stayed late in the infirmary and made an excuse for him to stay late either. She never once even held his hand in any sort of a tender way.

But late at night, when she was alone in the safety of her apartment and had all the locks and chains on her door she would close her eyes and imagine.
Tags: fic, fic genre: het, fic pairing: sara/omc, fic rating: pg-13, fic: prison break

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