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I feel less stressed right now.

Dude! I fell asleep at 0630 this morning and wok up at 1130! Bah! Four hours of sleep!


Doing another dialog-fic right now. I really love 13-year-old LJ right now. He's like a small, slightly more benign Lincoln.

"Did you play ice-hockey without a helmet or something?"

serperntcoils (Which I always read as "SerpentineCoils" until now) made new graphics and I won't be able to see them without breaking my dial-up until Monday!


Claimed Lincoln for 1character. Waiting for the Okay so I can figure out which table I wanna use. They have a D&D type one that's calling out to me because my Lincoln is a complete Geek (Much like Vin Diesel) but I'm not sure whether to use that one or a different one. Can we use more than one table?

pbficexchange has started posting fics! I've suddenly realized though that in order for the two people who won't know immediately which one is mine to keep not knowing I'm going to have to comment on it with something I like.

This is gonna be hard.

Angels with Blurred Faces by liberateourtime is amazing and painful and just really, really amazing and I wish I could write like her.

I still like V for Vendetta and I don't care what the hell anyone else on metaquotes or the comic comms say. Especially since most of them probably haven't seen it because it doesn't open until Friday.

Oh you evil bitch. Well. At least I don't have the PBFE in my way anymore.

I know it's a troll but it's the first time I've felt personally hurt by one. Oddly? It's the whole "weird ass families who think sleeping in the same bed together is normal" part. Dude fuck you. Most people? Want their own beds and/or rooms.

Sadly not everyone has a lot of money and there are actually some people out there who don't have enough money to afford to get a bed for each person in their family. To completely rip-off one of apocalypsos' icons: Fuck you, the horse you rode in on, the guy who made the saddle and the little girl who fed it apples.

Stupid fucking immature trolls.

Randomly? I'm going to explain this icon because I actually spent an unusual amount of time casting who was walking in what order.

Top Dot is Lincoln and the one directly ahead of him with the perfectly straight line is Michael. Linc kinda veers a little, walking a little closer or a little further depending. In my head he hurts his leg helping to kick out the drain and so his gait is a little uneven as he favors the uninjured one on and off. Sucre is the Dot directly overlapping Michael's footsteps. He's sticking real close with him because that's where he feels safest but at the moment he's holding himself a foot or two back to give The Brothers room to talk alone. C-Note is the fourth dot down and a step behind Michael. He's keeping far enough away to break and run if he has to but he doesn't want Linc and Michael to be able to talk alone because he's sure they're talking about a way to fuck everyone else over. T-Bag is the bottom dot. He's a bit out from the pack, wandering a bit and trying to test his limits right now; he trying to figure out how far he can get from Lincoln before Pretty "orders one of his ethnic lackeys" to try and pull him back in. He's been sticking closer to C-Note than anyone else because he enjoys trying to get the other man riled up and C-Note responds better than anyone else. He wandered over to Sucre a bit back but the only response he got was something "probably rude and grammatically incorrect" muttered back to him "in Mexican."

I am a huge fucking freak.

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