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My Uncle Al just died. He's my Grandma's sister's husband so at least he's lived a long and full life.

We knew this was coming because he's been on and off a respirator for a while now. He had a stroke a few months back and it's all been downhill from there.

My Grandma's babysitting right now but tonight she's hopping a plane back to Chicago because since we're Jewish the funeral will be in a few days.

Earlier today my Mom got an update from my Grandma saying that the doctors wanted to put a pacemaker in him and Aunt Vanessa (Uncle Al's wife) wouldn't let them.

Uncle Al was my Dad's favorite uncle and one of the few people in our family who's never looked down on him.

Dad gets out in nine days and I really don't think he'll even find out about it because he doesn't talk to his side of the family and hasn't for a lot of years.

And I've just realized that my Dad gets out in nine days.
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